Leli Hoch was born in Germany into a family of artists, writers and musicians. She lives in Stanford, South Africa.
She studied Sociology, Psychology and Educational Sciences, and holds a MA in Educational Sciences.
Working in the outdoor tourism industry led to living an adventurous life in intimate connection with nature and, closing the circle of her roots, initiated her into working as a nature artist.

Artist Statement

“My inspiration is nature: earth, rocks, plants, bones, minerals, water. Natural materials and processes have and create a history, capturing on their journey new forms and meanings, the traces of life as time goes by.

In my artistic process I negotiate a path between nature art, writing, installation, crocheting, painting, knitting, sculpture and want the viewer to see or feel the hands that made a work of art.

“Manipulation – from Latin manus “hand” and plere “to fill”.
A sense of skillfully handling an object or a person to one’s own advantage.”

Copper is the first metal mined and manipulated by humans. The thinnest copper wire is one of my favourite materials, interacting with other materials in a way they never would in real life.

Earth colours, all pure earth or natural pigments, mix and meld on the surface of canvas, fabric or paper, mapping the land they came from in fresh ways through the movement of a human hand – a gentle interaction between myself and the landscape.

I dedicate time and effort to a seemingly transient yet perfect object like a leaf. Combining old-fashioned hand-craft techniques with a fragile material like a leaf shows the delicate nature of it. How I work highlights the balance of fragility and strength of the leaves but also makes the destructive and senseless (ab)use of nature by humans visible.

All materials I use collaborate with each other and I with them. I am not the dominating factor, but a conduit in the creative process.

I love to explore the concepts of impermanence and decommodification, sometimes my work is ephemeral, made in situ and after completion and documentation left to disintegrate or decompose.”

Leli Hoch is one of the founders, selectors and facilitator for the Tankwa Artscape Residency, South Africa www.tankwaartscape.co.za


Daily Maverick, South Africa

The Village News, Hermanus, South Africa

Kyknet TV, Kwela


Park Vijversburg Leeuwarden, NL

Tankwa Artscape Artist Residency, South Africa

Bodhi Khaya Artist Residency, South Africa

Tankwa Artscape Artist Residency, South Africa

Tankwa Artscape Artist Residency, South Africa
Symposium Grateloup St Gayrand, Bordeaux, France

Tankwa Artscape Artist Residency, South Africa
Leeuwarden Cultural Capital Europe 2018, Tytsjerk Artist Residency, Netherlands

Global Nomadic Art Project Hungary
Global Nomadic Art Project Germany
Parco Sasso Simone e Simoncello: Paessaggi Migranti, Italy

Global Nomadic Art Project South Africa

Ephemeral Land Art Installations

AfrikaBurn 2012 – 2022
Baardskeerdersbos Art Route 2015 – 2021

Exhibitions (group)


Glen Carlou Gallery, Franschhoek
with Overstrand Artist Collective

Forage Studio & Gallery Baardskeerdersbos


Baardskeerdersbos Art Route

The Old Village Art Gallery, Citrusdal

Park Vijversburg, Leeuwarden, NL


Prince Albert Open Studios
Guest artist

Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, Korea
Nature Art Video Exhibition

“20/20 Vision – Hindsight Insight Foresight”
with Overstrand Artist Collective
Fynarts Gallery Hermanus, RSA

“Contemporary Nature”
with Tankwa Artscape Residency’s artists
Sfintu Gheorghe, Romania

Pop-Up exhibition “Broken”
with Overstrand Artist Collective, Stanford, RSA

Art Festival Tulbagh, South Africa
with Overstrand Artist Collective

Vijverspark Tytsjerk, Leeuwarden, NL
Geumgang Biennale, South Korea

Yatoo meets Dreieich, Stadtgalerie Dreieich, Germany
Korean Culture Center, Budapest, Hungary
International Forest Art Center, Darmstadt, Germany
Parco Begni, Pennabilli, Italy
Baardskeerdersbos Art Route, guest artist, South Africa

NWU Botanical Garden Gallery, Potchefstroom

Land Art Workshops since 2010

Works available in selected galleries in Cape Town

Works in private collections in South Africa and Europe