“Obstructed Portal” Tankwa Artscape Residency South Africa 2018, image Di Smith

Bodhi Khaya Artist Residency 2021 – “I am an Island” Leaves stitched together with raw spun flax. Images Josie Borain

“What are we doing” Avocado leaves sewn with raw spun flax, my arm in bronze, seal vertebrae, 2020 | Fynarts Gallery, Hermanus, South Africa

I created a sanctuary of meditation under the only indigenous sweet camel thorn tree (Acacia Erioloba) left on the banks of a mostly dry tributary to the Tankwa Riverbed using three different symbols: the front part of an old bakkie (truck) as a symbol for Western materialistic thinking, a meditation bench inside it, looking onto the figure of a joyful Buddha on the hood of the truck as a symbol of Eastern philosophies, and the fact that both are in the shade of a sweet camel thorn tree, under which African people used to gather and converse.
Tankwa Artscape Residency 2019, Tankwa Karoo, South Africa, images Kleoniki Vanos, Leli Hoch

I carved a poem into the lichen on the rocks on the south side of “Sundowner Hill”, images Kleoniki Vanos
Tankwa Artscape Residency 2019, Tankwa Karoo, South Africa

“A Broken String”
Because of a broken string
because of a people breaking the string
the earth my place is the place of
something, a thing broken,
that does not stop sounding breaking with me

Poem by Stephen Watson based on
Dia!kwain’s /xam story, Lloyd Bleek Collection, UCT

Symposium Grateloup St Gayrand, Bordeaux, France, 2019
Eight international artists were invited to work conceptually within the confines of the ruin of a Roman church
“The sinister trinity of Ego, Fear and Ignorance – Nature sacrificed on the altar of Ego”
Leaves sown with raw spun flax, 100x200cm, crocheted King Protea leaves, rose petals